Dinner is Served....Well actually Delivered


We get it. Healthy eating is important to our health. Cooking is one way to control ingredients towards that goal. As working women our meals need to be convenient and nutritious.  After a long and productive day the last thing I want to do blow my 10k steps on take out because I made it my only option. Meal planning and cooking is a great solution.  Planning meals involve having food and ingredients on hand to prepare them.   If you're like me and get stuck on ideas of meals to plan one option is grocery and meal delivery service. 

     Recently the concept of delivering fresh ingredients to cook at home has made its way into the lives of the everyday person and become mainstream. You can have a healthy meal at your convenience by just opening your door! 

     In the spirit of meal preparation and planning I've researched and put together a list of companies that offer delivery of fresh foods and ingredients right to your door step!  Be sure to check out your local grocery store for food delivery services as well!  

I like these options because you can use them for just one meal daily or all your meals. Most can be tailored to any health conditions as well. If you ever thought about becoming vegan or eating a more plant based diet this is one way to try it out getting ideas on what you can prepare for yourself in the future. Check ‘em out!

1.  Blue Apron



  • Weekly Menu

  • Recipes to include a variety of food options

  • 2 person OR  Family Plan

  • Price about $60-$140 per week + free shipping

2. Terra's Kitchen



  • Recipe database to choose meals or have chosen for you

  • Ingredients are cut, diced and pre portioned upon delivery

  • Foods are antibiotic and hormone free and non-GMO and organic 

  • Price about $10-$20 per serving

3. Hello Fresh



  • Choose meals based on diet and preferences

  • Weekly menu

  • 3 meal plans Classic, Veggie and Family meal plans

  • Price about $10 and up /meal + free shipping for all meal plans

4. Paleo Meal Delivery



  • No cooking required; meals prepared upon delivery

  • Pre-determined weekly menu

  • Vegetarian and family meal options

  • All meals are gluten, dairy and soy free

  • Price about $150-$300

5. Home Chef



  • Choose from 13 recipes; ex low carb, gluten free, nut free, low calorie, etc

  • Scheduled Delivery

  • Ability to set up taste profile

  • Company will recommend foods and meals based on preferences

6. Plated



  • Choose recipes based on ingredients and preparation time

  • Calories and nutrition information listed for each recipe

  • Pre portioned foods and meals delivered

7. Take Out Kit



  • Food has 2 month shelf life

  • Meals are globally inspired

  • Monthly Plan options

  • Subscription $30-$150 with free shipping over $50