Grocery Shopping Made Simple

Grocery shopping is a task I have to get hype to do!  It can be so overwhelming especially if you go at the wrong time like after you've been sitting in rush hour traffic! But honestly, it can be a great experience.  You can take your time analyzing food labels, see friends from the neighborhood and best of all sometimes eat!  Below are some tips to help make your shopping trip easier saving you time and money.

1. Make a List

Impulse purchasing can be hazardous to your wealth. This also saves you time and allows you to come up with new food ideas! You can even use your sale ads as a guide. Not only does it save you money but making a list as part of meal planning keeps you on track for healthy eating. You can even make a list from a new recipe to try!

2.  Eat before you Go

Shopping with your stomach will leave you feeling unsatisfied and frustrated. You see all the food around you and get so hungry you become hangry. Eating before you go also helps reduce impulse purchasing and gives you a clear mind to remember all the items on your list!

3. Shop Online

This has saved my ENTIRE LIFE!  I save so much time grocery shopping online.  With apps like Instacart and Amazon Fresh I can shop all my local grocery stores and get my items delivered right to my door.  They even have the stores coupons that can help save money too!  Listen, there's nothing like the feeling of getting home after a long day and realizing you didn't have to fight for a parking space, stand in a long line just to struggle bringing in your groceries.  If you do decide to go out try visiting the grocery store on a 'slow day'.  Weekdays after 8pm or weekends early morning tend to be best.

4. Remember the Perimeter

Typically the perimeter has the fresh fruits and vegetables and 'whole' food items such as meats and dairy foods.  The middle aisles have more food labels which indicate they may be more processed with higher amounts of salt and sugar. This is not always the case though. If getting fresh fruits and vegetables remember to either freeze or use soon after shopping so they don’t spoil. Read food labels to know calories, fat, salt and sugar content